Sound from the overseas

Name: Ruan Zhumei    Nationality: Vietnamese

I’m Ruan Zhumei, a Vietnamese in the university. At the very beginning of 2004 when I first came here, I felt worried and nervous about my study because I knew nothing here. Fortunately, all these went quickly because of the patience and warmth I felt from the teachers and the help from my classmates. After graduating from the school for several years, I now still miss the teachers with their kindness to me. Thanks a lot.

I’m now working in a hospital of Ho Chi Minh. Everything goes well. Though I can make full use of what I have learned, I’m still longing to go back to China to have a further study. Everyday, I eyes on what happens in China from the internet and tries to learn more medical knowledge as well as practice my Chinese. Hope to see you soon.  

Name: Paillard Florian  Nationality: French

I’m Paillard Florian from France. In 2006 I started to learn Chinese in Anhui University and went to the outpatient to observe the treatment of TCM every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Then I started the learning of TCM theory, diagnosis, Tuina, and later acupuncture. Then I had many chances to get access to TCM in Zhuji, Shanghai, Jiangyin and Guilin. Fortunately, I got that Professor Cai Shengchao of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine was very famous in TCM. So I studied three years here for the master’s degree with Prof. Cai as my supervisor.

The teachers, the fellow students impressed me by giving me help with my study and diagnosis. In 2013, I got my degree successfully and came back to France. Now I’m working in two clinics in France. TCM is very popular here. I know the efficiency of Acupuncture and the diagnosis is of great importance. So I’m still studying. I want to show my gratitude to the teachers of the university.

My address: 39a rue du muguet 25000 Besancon

Name: HWANG EUN MI   Nationality: South Korean

In the summer of 2011, I started my life in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine.

With the curiosity to everything and the responsibility of study, I am waiting for college life. I still remember many my-first-time: first time of experiment, first time of anatomy, etc. Anhui University of Chinese Medicine is beautiful and good for learning in. My friends in South Korean all like the campus here. There are many experts here whom I can learn from. What I learned is not only the knowledge of medicine but Chinese and Chinese culture as well.

TCM is now very popular around the world. I dream to let more know it and benefit from it after graduation.

Name:LEE JAE YOUN    Nationality:south Korean

After seven years of study here in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, I got my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.  What I got is the knowledge of TCM and the skills of Acupuncture and Tuina with the help of my dear teachers and students. I am very grateful to all those who have helped me.

While I was in the graduate school, Prof. Yang Jun instructed me with the clinical study on acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis patients. I made it. During the instruction, I learned some special treatment to the patients and his warmth to them like a relative of his own. Then I made up my mind to learn from Prof Yang in my later study and work. Actually, he treated me just like a daughter in my life.

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