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Registration procedures and materials

Registration procedures

1. You should register at the school on the designated date carryingwith you your “Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China” and“Admission Notice from AHUCM”. If you are not able to register on schedule, youshould send a written explanation to the school at least one week before thesemester begins. Failure to do so will be deemed as quitting school and youwill automatically lose your student status.

Registration place:

OverseasStudents Management Department, School of InternationalEducation and Exchange, AHUCM.

Registration materials:

2Admission Notice from AHUCM

2Physical examination record for foreigner

2JW-202 form

2Passport and a copy of it

2four passport size photos

2Paying enrollment, tuition, insurance and material fees.

2. registration process:

2Get ‘the enrolment procedure of overseas students of AHUCM

2Fill in “International Student Registration Form for AHUCM”

2Hand in “international Student Registration Form for AHUCM” and payenrolment fee

2Audit certificates including visa/residence permit, admissionnotice, JW202, and physical examination record.

2Pay tuition, insurance and book fees.

2Apply for residence at the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau

2Wait for the placement test, class meeting and teaching materials

2Have class

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