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Introduction to AHTCM

Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (AHUTCM) is a multidisciplinary higher institution with traditional Chinese medicine science as its focus; it also touches the fields of technology, engineering, management and economics. The University has become a major base for the higher education of traditional Chinese medicine, medical service and scientific research in Anhui province. It set up in 1959; the University has inherited two outstanding medical traditions in Anhui Province. One is from the southern part of Anhui which is called Xin’an; the other one is from the northern part which is called Huatuo. Through 50 years of development since its founding, the University has grown into a mature higher education institution which not only offers undergraduate and graduate education but also offers continuing and international student education. At present it has created thousands of advanced medical talents, who have spread over different parts of China and the world, who function as backbones in medical practice, management and academic study in their respective fields.

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